va group

Summary of our client’s business:

va group is an investment company with more than 15 years in the business. It has a wide range of services that offer its clients adaptability, professionalism, comfort and ideal connections that last over time and culminate in strategic alliances with companies around the world.

What we analyzed of the project:

By doing an analysis of the market and its potential competitors we were able to observe that although many investment business models have emerged, not all of them cover so many markets, offer so many services and promote personalized connections to foreign and regional companies. va group was born with the idea of expansion, growth and innovation in corporate and financial services.

What we achieved in the project:

Once the brand and its restructuring of services were analyzed, the idea arose to break out of the mold in terms of all conventional investment graphic identities. In this case, we presented a “game” with the symbol, where it would have participation as an independent element denoting ascendancy, adaptability and personalization of the company and its lines of business. To differentiate the main logo we used different colors for each of the business lines, and took advantage of the visual performance of the typography that was already pre-established and implemented again.

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