Business Overview:

Editrade offers integrated solutions for better management and administrative coordination of foreign trade operations. They simplify and give flow to customs management processes. They are dedicated to developing and implementing state-of-the-art technological solutions and new business models, applied to foreign trade, to meet the needs of customers and optimize their value chain.

What we review:

In this case, we made a thorough analysis of this client’s website where some errors were evidenced and we provided some recommendations:

  • Avoid using photographs with transparent color boxes.
  • Do not exceed the use of photographs with a saturated edition.
  • Avoid serif typefaces, because they look too traditional and not very innovative.
  • Show and focus on the fact that Editrade is a software and customs management company, do not summarize it only for customs agents or logistics operators.
  • Use more abstract videos with meaning to complement phrased texts (not literal services).
  • Show and represent quality in services.
  • Show and represent professionalism and years of experience.
  • Do not be literal and traditional in the use of elements (containers, ships, trucks, airplanes), *they can be used but in a more abstract way.
  • Improve and simplify your navigation tree.
  • Give more consistency to the website in terms of design, typographies, text length and reorganization of its sections on each internal page.
What we achieved:

For Editrade, we carried out a total transformation of their website, giving a 360-degree turnaround. This process allowed us to achieve a much more user-friendly, accessible and organized online platform. In addition, we raised the quality of the site through professional designs that are perfectly aligned with the image that the company seeks to project.

We prioritized simplicity in language, without neglecting the technical depth of its products and services. This combination offers a more intuitive and effective navigation experience, giving customers clear and complete access to the full range of solutions and expertise.

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