Salvaje Jeans

Business Overview:

Salvaje Jeans is a company that stands out for delivering quality and trendy products in women’s clothing, focusing on wholesale. Its passion lies in creating collections of jeans with innovative, elastic and detailed designs, both for fashion stores and boutiques, offering affordable and durable products.

What we review:

In an initial analysis, we realized that the brand was not well positioned in the Chilean market, especially among the female audience since it has its origin in Panama, in addition to not communicating effectively that their garments were for all body types. The images, despite being of very good quality since the brand has its photographic studio and works professionally, did not generate a good first closeness with the public and the Chilean woman. The challenge was to bring the brand closer to more real bodies and generate a link with the southern side of Latin America.

What we achieved:

We reached out to the Chilean female public and communicated that the garments were designed for all body types. To do this, we worked with influencers and well-known faces who identified with our brand and its values. In addition, we improved the aesthetics of social networks and garment images with the help of our graphic design team.

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