CM Helmets

Business Overview:

CM Helmets is a company that excels in providing superior customer service, focusing on high quality helmet customization. Their passion lies in creating custom helmets with innovative and detailed designs for both professional and amateur riders, offering affordable and durable products. With over fifteen years of experience in the industry, CM Helmets understands the importance of delivering high quality products.

What we review:

Following their business philosophy of providing the highest quality products, we focus on showcasing what they do with excellence and in a creative and professional manner. This company produces custom helmets that allow them to showcase their personal touch, whether it’s their name embedded on the back, their race numbers or a design that represents their personality.

What we achieved:

The presentation of the work on social media was not up to ideal standards, so we suggested improving the quality of the photographs with a more professional approach, in order to more effectively highlight the artistic work of each helmet. We are convinced that capturing customers’ attention is achieved primarily through visual impact. To achieve this, we have carried out a process of redesigning the templates and have improved the quality of the original images. In addition, we have worked meticulously on creating a more organized, coherent and attractive feed to provide an enriching visual experience.

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