Traders Latam

Summary of our client’s business:

Traders Latam projects itself as a brand that offers education for Latin traders of any learning level. However, its main focus is to teach intermediate and advanced traders. It is a brand that promotes trading through financial education, especially for those investors who know the power of knowledge.

Our analysis of the project:

In Latin America, there are more and more companies dedicated to trading and generating educational tools. It is a very competitive market where the one that offers the most knowledge and results is the most followed. For this reason, all our focus is aimed at strengthening, promoting and boosting educational tools through a clean, attractive and innovative image; taking advantage of the professional skills of their analysts and showing the returns on trades that have arisen from their advice.

What we achieved in the project:

In the process of study and analysis of their corporate identity, we detected that Traders Latam handles a friendly, educational and informative concept. Its previous design expressed the letter T as the main element and trademark identifier. In search of improving it graphically and obtaining a better performance in its branding, and based on that concept, we continue using the T as the main element but with a slight cut, which visually represents the union between elements, allowing that in its graphic universe there is a game with these two figures to cover the initial concept, helping it to be a versatile and adaptable brand.

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