Summary of our client’s business:

Dinsumed is a leading company in the supply of certified and high-quality medical supplies in the public and private markets. Its extensive experience in the health industry and its personalized attention guarantee its customers the satisfaction of their needs, also offering advice in the opening of aesthetic and dental clinics.

What we analyzed of the project:

With a commitment to the highest quality standards in products and services, Dinsumed is an excellent choice for those seeking comprehensive solutions for the medical sector.

What we achieved in the project:

This is a redesign process focused on improving the technical and visual aspects of the logo so that its relationship with the target audience is clearer and more intuitive, and easy to read. To achieve this, typographical and color adjustments have been made so that the logo will perform well when presented in competition or in the health sector. Adjustments have also been made to the symbol since it was used together with the typography, but now it seeks to have an independent participation depending on the situation in which the logo is presented.

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