11 August, 2023

Why Does Your Marketing Department Need Expert Help?


The reason why your marketing department may need help from a third party is that, simply, corporate marketing is a matter for experts. There is no need to think about the matter anymore. 

On the one hand, positioning a brand, a product or a service should be supported by prior research. And this is something that cannot be done randomly: neither corporate marketing nor market research. 

All these processes should be carried out by those who know about the subject so that the resources and efforts are optimally focused towards the achievement of the objectives that are pursued, that is, the positioning.

So, if you do not have a department in charge of these functions within the organization, you should turn to an outsourcing company to provide the corresponding marketing services. This team of experts will help define the strategies, with a view to increasing the visibility of the product or the brand.

Even, in cases where such a department does exist, the help of experts can also be requested. Why? Or we could rather ask: When? There are various circumstances and reasons why the support of marketing outsourcing may be required. Let’s see.

  • Expansion of operations into a new territory: You are targeting a different market, with particular characteristics; not that this is a good or convenient thing: a marketing consultancy is absolutely necessary.
  • Launching a new product or service line: Here we have to investigate how this launch process would be, what would be the eventual acceptance and even how is the competition in this regard.
  • Use of other channels or strategies: It is possible that your company has worked for a long time with traditional media, but you need a qualitative leap towards digital; in that case, you require the marketing services of experts in these new media.
  • Scaling the business to another level, increasing productivity; which would mean covering other markets or reaching more consumers.

It is appropriate to note that, in all these cases, an advantage that external experts can provide is that, usually, they handle a greater volume of information, since they work with different segments or niches, as well as services and brands. And they get to know very well what different consumers are looking for. 

Even, it is possible that a marketing outsourcing already has an experience in relation to the target market to which you want to target, or with a similar one. Therefore, they know which strategies usually work best and can help you outperform your competition faster or more effectively.

Additionally, it should be noted that they also know about the different media and channels, helping you to choose the best one to reach your target market and position yourself. And it is that these professionals are usually permanently trained, both in the use of the most current tools and in relation to the prevailing trends in the market. 

In short, although companies can carry out their own marketing process, this requires constant work; sometimes it demands new staff or training of the one who is already there, all of which means time and resources. But by going to a marketing outsourcing, not only experts in the area are hired, but there is a saving since the investment would be solely for the service provided.

It is worth pointing out that corporate marketing carried out by experts in the area provides several benefits for your brand, such as:

  • Planning a strategy adapted to the needs
  • Developing effective actions
  • Measuring results
  • Attracting new customers
  • Raising the level of sales
  • Improving the positioning
  • Higher return on investment

Of course, to achieve all this you have to have the support of an agency of experts who know what they are doing. And no one like Nodos Media

Nodos Media gives you what you need in your digital strategy, including the creation of your website, corporate image improvement, content generation, branding, ADS and more.

And remember, as the expert Darren Rowse points out, regarding marketing, “There are no magic wands or tricks that will provide you with immediate success. Success is achieved with time, energy and determination.”  


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