11 August, 2023

The White House, Big Tech and the New Regulations on Artificial Intelligence


The US tech giants have made a commitment that has the entire world of technology revolutionized.

OpenAI, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and other companies, including Anthropic and Inflection AI, have come together to ensure that artificial intelligence (AI) is safe, secure and transparent. The White House announced it last Friday.

AI and security

As for security, the order is strong. Security teams will be deployed to assess whether their models or systems are at risk of being used maliciously. But that’s not all, they are also going to share information with other companies and governments about the risks and possible safeguards. Full transparency? We’ll see about that!

The self-protection of models

Regarding protection, they will invest in cyber security in order to protect the processes and information of their own models. They will empower ordinary people to report problems and vulnerabilities.

Did the AI make this article?

Now let’s talk about trust. Would you like to know if what you are watching or listening to on the network has been created by an AI? So do the White House. That’s why they have committed to developing mechanisms that allow users to know if audio or visual content is generated by AI. It’s going to work as a watermark for AI.

First steps towards the legislation of one of the most powerful technologies

These commitments are just the first step on the path to responsible AI. The Biden-Harris administration will continue to push for executive actions and pursue legislation to lead innovation and protection in the field of AI.

It is also said that all the countries allied with the United States will establish an international code of conduct for AI.

What do the companies think?

Microsoft stresses the importance of ensuring that AI is safe and reliable. For its part, Google is focusing on the ethical development of AI to solve social challenges, such as preventing floods and improving healthcare. OpenAI, for its part, does not lose sight of its mission to build a safe and beneficial Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).

A new era for AI

Sure, the news sounds incredible, but there are some who point out that the White House has not given many concrete details about how all this will be enforced. True, the scheme is voluntary and some wonder if it will work without an enforcement mechanism.

A new era in AI has already formally occurred this week, one in which security, protection and trust are sought. Could it be that we are witnessing the control of a possible uncontrollable monster or will it be too late already?

Only time will tell!


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