Magdalena Oddo

With two years of experience in sales, I stand out as Key Account Manager and producer. My specialization focuses on account acquisition, retention and account maintenance. My commitment and exceptional skills have been instrumental in achieving and exceeding business goals.

Lissy Elgueta

I am a Marketing Engineer specialized in Digital Marketing, Strategic Marketing and Content Manager. Passionate about innovation, entrepreneurship and overcoming challenges, I constantly seek to expand my knowledge and break barriers within my comfort zone.

Ninozka Miranda

I’m Ninozka, a graphic designer with 6 years of experience. My comprehensive approach covers web design, UX/UI, and corporate identity, among others. I graduated in Graphic Design at DUOC UC and Advertising Marketing at UDEM.

Carolina Mendoza

I’m Carolina Mendoza, a Content Creator and Copywriter with 5 years of experience in social media and 1 year in web. Expert in weaving effective copy strategies to achieve specific objectives. Obsessed with precision and passionate about each project.

Sara Varón

I’m Sara, a professional in Modern Languages. I translate not only the meaning but also the essence of each message. My goal is to facilitate understanding and communication, beyond language barriers.


I’m a Systems Analyst and Comprehensive Designer with notable experience in editorial, graphic, and web design. I blend logic and creativity to deliver innovative visual solutions tailored to current trends.

Fabiola Durán

For the past 8 years, I have been living and breathing corporate marketing, innovation and sustainability. I was born to create with purpose.

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